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OPA Shinsaibashi Branch

Selected shop of tasty food from all over Japan

Produced by St.Cousair. We will serve the best ingredients for you.

St.Cousair Opa Shinsaibashi branch, which has its own farm and winery in Nagano prefecture, and Kuzefuku Shoten, which is a select shop of products from all over Japan is opened at the same time for the first time in Osaka!


Job information is updated.
St.Cousair, KUSE FUKU & Co. Shinsaibashi OPA is open.
Opened St.Cousair + KUSE FUKU & Co. at the same time for the first time in Osaka.

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Kuzefuku Shoten
To the world

On the basis of our concept, "The Japanese gourmet store", we gather tasty food from all over Japan. Our mission is to spread the real Japanese food culture to the world. We have about 2000 kinds of soup stock, seasoning, frozen food, snack and kitchen ware which we made with producers all over Japan.

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Kuzefuku Shoten`s 3 philosophies
Kuzefuku Shoten
Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten
Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten
Kuzefuku`s passion

As a buyer of Kuzefuku, we strive to find the deeper flavour in soup stock and fermented food from the best source. Our passion is to create the best product as we go deep into the root of "Umami", because we are proud of our food culture.

The ingredients we have found are exclusive and precious, and the final products are something that we can confidently recommend to all.

Just like how the combination of the Konbu stock from Kansai and the Katsuo stock from Kanto caught the attention of many in Edo era, we went back to the basic and got the best out of the highest quality.

Values from the Taisho era

The basic concept of Kuzefuku Shoten came from the Taisho era.

At that period of time, a lot of Japanese products and ingredients were made for export to overseas. Hence, they were labled "Made in Japan" and, that label is still valuable until now.

In the store that are built like the Taisho era style, we have the most exclusive products available chosen by our buyers with their sharp detailed eyes.

At our kitchen counter, we happily offer an explanation of each product in Kuzefuku style.

Kuzefuku Shoten Kuzefuku Shoten
St.Cousair. Coloring your dining table

We have self-manufactured jam, seasoning and domestic wine to color your dining table!

Enjoy St.Cousair`s homemade jam, wine and pasta sauce.

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St.Cousair St.Cousair St.Cousair
St.Cousair`s hill

St.Cousair`s wine and jam are made here.

Beside the vineyard, there is also restaurant, garden, our store and a chapel

Winery as the core of farming culture

The inspiration to start winery hits when our company`s owner had a trip to France`s Normandy, Bordeaux and Burgundy as the making and selling of the jam started to go well. They were amazed by how people in countryside make wine, cider and calvados, which are known world wide, and how they are proud to live there. After going back to Japan, they had a chance to meet the village headman of Nagano prefecture`s Samizumura (now is Iidzunamachi), which was under consideration to build the village as farming area, and to talk about how they were inspired by people in countryside in France. The village headman agreed to support our owner`s dream and help us building a workshop to make jam and a restaurant on the village`s hill. "ST.Cousair Winery" took the license of making wine and has done grape harvest and wine making over 20 times since 1988.



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