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  • Special crepe chef, Crepier in our cafe
  • Special crepe chef, Crepier in our cafe
  • Special crepe chef, Crepier in our cafe
  • Special crepe chef, Crepier in our cafe

Chandeleur is a place where everyone can experience the real satisfaction of delicious crepes.

We are "Creperie Stand, Chandeleur". Our Osaka and Umeda cafe specializes in crepes and galette. Please enjoy our seasonal lunch and dinner menu.

Come and enjoy your crepe with your favorite cider in your hand.

Our legendary crepe with over 800 years of history

Many might think that crepes are desserts for children, but in France, it is a food enjoyed by people from any age for decades. Unlike in Japan, crepes aren`t served only with toppings such as whip cream or fruits, it is also served plain to enjoy the real taste of the crepe itself.

Galette is made with buckwheat flour which isn`t sweet but rather slightly salty in taste. It is wrapped in square shape with ham, cheese and eggs.

It is a perfect snack to have with cider for those who aren`t too hungry and are health conscious!

Chandeleur will serve both A La Carte and Course menu.

Cheers with your cider! Also a great match with tea lovers!! Chendeleur`s original blend tea♪

Enjoy French home cooked meal within easy reach♪

Galette list In France, they enjoy the real taste of crepe itself
The signature toppings are ham, cheese and eggs.
The benefit and the way to eat Galette. ☆Galette`s buckwheat flour are rich in Polyphenol and vitamin B ☆It also contains a Rutin effect which is high in vitamin C ☆Simple yet, full of volume and satisfaction! ☆Please try the first bite with Galette only! ☆And then enjoy the rest of your Galette with your favorite toppings ☆The average calories of Galette is 400kcal, but it varies depending on the toppings ☆It`s a healthy dish and kind for your stomach *Buckwheat allergy, please be alert
A perfect place to spend time with your lovers, friends and your self during break time. Chandeleur is a relaxing cafe you can find near Umeda station. We will serve tea and galette both A La Carte and Course Menu. Come enjoy our delicious food and relaxing space. A nice place to spend for any occasion!
  • Chandeleur Shop photo
  • Chandeleur Shop photo
  • Chandeleur Shop photo

Lunch MENU

  • Chandeleur Course Lunch course with Galette and Crepe Chandeleur Course \1,680 Soup of the day + 1 Galette + 1 Crepe + Drink
  • Crepier Course Chef`s recommendation Chef recommended course with today`s Galette and Crepe Crepier Course \1,460 Today`s Galette + Today`s Crepe + Mini salad or Mini soup + Drink
  • Plate lunch with your favorite Galette Galette lunch \1,080 1 your favorite Galette with Mini salad + Mini soup
  • Weekday`s business lunch Caprice lunch \850 Today`s Galette + Mini salad + Mini soup Main lunch \880 Today`s main dish + Mini salad + Bread
  • Creperie dinner Chef`s recommendation Dinner of the day with Galette or main and Crepe Creperie dinner \1,800 ・Galette plate of the day ( Seasonal salad & Soup ) or Main dish of the day ・Crepe of the day ・1 your favorite Drink
  • Saison course With an aperitif ! Season special dinner Saison course Per person ¥2,500 ・Aperitif ・Seasonal Hors d'oeuvres ・Seasonal special Garrett ・Seasonal special Crepe ・1 your favorite Drink * The contents change according to the season.
  • Omelette \750 A thick omelette topped with custard, banana and vanilla ice cream.
  • Chef`s recommendation Sucre Royale \750 Enjoyable harmony  of fresh fruits, special whip cream and vanilla ice cream.
  • Galette Chandeleur \940 A healthy Galette served with ratatouille, hot spring egg and salad.
  • Sucre \680 Simple and basic Crepe
  • Cafe Hot Coffee \430 Iced Coffee \450 Blend Cafe Au Lait, etc...
  • Drink Chandeleur Original Blend Tea \430 Chandeleur blue / Caramel / Darjeeling Cider Sweet / Dry Glass \430 Bottle \1,800 Soft drink, Wine, Cocktail, etc...
TAKE OUT Crepe from ¥320 Galette from ¥480 Drink from ¥280 Recommended Popular Menu (Crepe) 1. Sucre ¥320 2. Blueberry jam ¥380 3. Echire ¥400 4. Chocolat ¥420 5. Choco banana ¥430 6. Marron ¥450 7. Matcha daifuku ¥450 8. Strawberry daifuku ¥500 9. Banana roll ¥420 10. Strawberry roll ¥450 11. Banana choco roll ¥450 Galette | Complet \480 Tata \500 Popeye \600 Greg \650

À la carte

Party Menu (From 4 people) \2,500 ・Galette salad of salmon and avocado, orange sauce ・Assortment of Charcuterie ・Spicy fried chicken and fried potato ・Tomato cream sauce of shrimp and seafood ・Roast Iberian pork Party Menu + All you can drink \4,000 All you can drink \1,500 Beer, highball, cocktail, cider, wine(red and white), apple juice. Ask our staff for more details.
Group Reservation is available! From 4 to 20 people Enjoy the Paris` train station based design area

Taste the "Difference" Find the difference in our Crepe which was made with flour from France and Guerande`s salt by the real Crepe chef.

Find the difference in our Crepe

SHOP Info Chandeleur

February 2nd is Chandeleur day

Chandeleur location map
Cafe, Crepe & Galette
"Creperie Stand, Chandeleur HERBIS PLAZA Branch"

A short walk from the West ticket gate of Hanshin "Umeda Station"
A short walk from the North ticket gate of Yotsubashisen "Nishiumeda Station"
5 minutes of walk from the South ticket gate of Midohsujisen "Umeda Station"

→HERBIS PLAZA Branch`s website
→Chandeleur`s website

B2F HERBIS PLAZA 2-5-25 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka-shi

Open from 10:30 a.m to 22:00 p.m.(L.O. 21:30)

"CREPIER CAT is the password"


hitosara tabelog

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